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Facebook Post Costs Accident Victim $20,000.00

Facebook Post

Last month I wrote a blog warning Kentucky auto free asian porn accident victims that information placed on an accident victim’s social networking site can have an adverse affect on the settlement of their case. You may have thought that this was Chicken Little yelling that the sky was falling, that I was a little paranoid. Unfortunately a friend of mine, Seattle attorney Chris Davis, has a client that has learned this the hard way. In a blog posted by Davis he tells the horror story of a client that down loaded pictures and videos to his facebook and myspace pages that literally cost him $20,000.00!

Davis starts his blog with a statement that this is a true story. During the course of litigation Davis’s client posted pictures and videos of himself snowboarding. This was two years after the accident, but before the case was going to trial. He was going to trial to get compensation for neck and back injuries suffered in a car accident.

Can you imagine the reaction of a jury? They are hearing evidence in a case where the accident victim will be asking for an award of money damages for their pain and suffering. During the trial the attorney hired by the insurance company shows a video of the accident victim speeding down a mountain on a snowboard and then going over jumps, flying several feet in the air and landing with a thump. The case is over at this point.

I am sorry that Chris had this unfortunate experience. It is horrible to put your blood, sweat, tears and money into a case and work for a client you truly believe in and then have your hard work fall apart before your very eyes. I do want to thank Chris for posting this information so that we can all learn from it.

You need to be extremely careful in what you post on your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. You don’t know who will be able to gain access to the information. It may be a potential employer. It could be an insurance adjuster playing cybersleuth. Whether you are a Kentucky accident victim or a Washington accident victim you need to protect yourself by being careful. Learn from this $20,000.00 mistake.

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