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Increasing Deaths on Kentucky Roadways?

Kentucky fatal accident

There have already been 523 people that have lost their lives on our Kentucky roadways (according to the preliminary statistics of Kentucky State Police). This is three more than was reported for this time period in 2011.  These unfortunate deaths include 404 motor vehicle fatalities. 230 of those accident victims were not wearing seat belts.  Of the 62 motorcycle fatalities, 32 were not wearing a helmet.  There were also 10 ATV fatalities, 9 of which were not wearing a helmet.  Additionally, there were forty-two pedestrians, one scooter/moped rider and four bicycle riders that had been killed.  Of all the fatalities, 92 have resulted from crashes involving the suspected use of alcohol.

Last weeks’ report wasn’t good either.  From September 17, Monday through September 23, 2012, Sunday, statistics show that nine people died in separate crashes on Kentucky roadways.  Single fatality crashes occurred in Grant, Grayson, Jefferson, McCreary and Meade Counties that resulted in five fatalities. Three of the victims were not wearing seat belts.  A motorcycle crash in Jefferson County caused one fatality.   Two fatalities from ATV crashes happened in Fayette County and Perry County.  They were both not wearing helmets.  The fatality in Perry County involved the use of alcohol.  And one bicycle rider was killed in Daviess County.

By reviewing the numbers of fatalities above, you will see that more than half of the victims were not wearing either their seatbelts or helmets.  What?  This is a simple and obvious way to make yourself safer on the road.  What can we conclude?  I don’t think this is an enforcement problem to be blamed on the police.  People lack discipline, plain and simple.  Such a simple effort can save your life.  Why do people fight doing what is obviously good and can save them from a serious injury accident.

When I was in the Dominican Republic over the summer I observed the same phenomenon.  Motorcyclists were required to have a helmet on the bike.  Instead of wearing it, most would hold it in their hand while riding.  You heard me!  I couldn’t believe it, but not wearing a helmet at all can have the same tragic results.  Statistics don’t lie.  Wear a helmet and use your seatbelt and save your life if you are involved in a Kentucky motor vehicle accident.

About the author: Mike Schafer

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