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Kentucky Accident Books

7PotholesCoverThumb Kentucky Accident Books This book as an aid to consumers and accident victims of Kentucky. 7 Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident Case outlines common mistakes people make after they have been in an accident. This book will explain how to avoid them and arm accident victims with the information necessary to place them on a level playing field against the insurance industry. The Schafer Law Office hopes the consumer will be able to use this information to help them receive a fair and just resolution to their accident case.
CarInsuranceCoverThumb Kentucky Accident Books This book provides information everyone in Kentucky should know on how to buy car insurance that will protect their family should there be a tragic car accident. You will find the necessary information about coverages available when buying insurance so you can better protect your family financially should they be in a tragic or debilitating accident. You will find out what different coverages are available and important questions to ask your insurance agent when buying car insurance so you won’t get hurt twice.
DriversGuideParentCoverThumb Kentucky Accident Books Teaching your children to drive is an exciting time, yet it can also be trying at times. In this book, Mike Schafer, along with his daughters Rachael and Savannah, team up to give perspectives of learning to drive from both the parent and the teen point of views. Everything is covered from the permit, to testing, to the license. This is a must read for any family with a new driver.

WrongfulDeathCoverThumb Kentucky Accident Books Many people are surprised to learn that Kentucky Law only allows certain family members lesbians having sex to recover for the wrongful death of a loved one. Wrongful Death in Kentucky explains Kentucky law covering wrongful death and is a big resource to the family for everything from planning a funeral to setting up an estate.
GloveBoxGuideThumb Kentucky Accident Books Being in an auto accident is never a fun thing to do. However, if you’re prepared and you know how to handle the situation, it makes the situation much easier to handle. This accident guide is meant to be in your car to give you an excellent resource to help you in case you’re in an accident.

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