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Staying Focused


KAA 225x300 Staying FocusedIn the past few years there has been a very strong push nationally to end, or at least curb distracted driving. There have been anti-texting campaigns nationwide, safety studies and many states have developed laws against text messaging while driving. It is a strong issue that needs to be kept in the forefront of every driver’s mind as they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Recently on a ski trip I was surprised to see signs on the mountain in several places that had the message “Focus” then the sign explained the skiers and boarders responsibility that needed to be maintained while playing on the hill. It made me think how important in most sports and activities to maintain focus and minimize distractions.

There have been recent reports on pedestrian safety in reference to distractions. You see pedestrians everywhere with headphones in either listening to music or talking on the phone. This takes the focus away from paying attention to what is going on around them, whether it is as simple as a break in the pavement to an unheard vehicle or even an attacker. All instances could potentially cause injuries.

According to Diana Deutsch, Ph.D., a psychologist at the University of California at San Diego who researches the perception of sound, “music floods the brain and takes over your thought process. You concentrate on the lyrics, or the music evokes certain memories or sends you into a daydream.” Listening to music or audio books as well as having a phone conversation draws your attention away from what you are doing and increases your risk of getting injured.

As I thought more about this I realized it applied to all sports and activities. You don’t see basketball players on the court with headphones, nor do you see football players on the field texting their teammates. You probably do not want to see your doctor listening to an audio book while he or she examines you.

As a Kentucky personal injury attorney I see too many senseless and tragic fatal accidents that could have been prevented if everyone was focused on the task at hand. Let’s stay FOCUSED!!

About the author: Mike Schafer

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