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What to Do in a Hit and Run Accident

The following is a question I was asked on WAVE Listens. The caller asked what to do if you are involved in a hit and run car accident in Kentucky. I explain to her what actions need to be taken to handle the hit and run car accident correctly so as to increase the chances you will be able collect the settlement you deserve.

Question: My car was hit in an apartment parking lot, and the individual left the scene. All I have is liability insurance on my car. The insurance company was going to file it under uninsured motorist, but you have to report it to the state. The state would not accept it because it could not be proved that it was an uninsured motorist, which is hard when you don’t know who hit you.

Answer: Some Kentucky car insurance policies allow an injured person who is hit by a driver that leaves the scene of an accident. Others do not allow compensation under the uninsured motorist coverage. It depends on the definition of an uninsured motorist in the policy. Sometimes a hit and run car is specifically excluded if it cannot later be identified. Other times a hit and run driver is allowed in the terms of the policy to be considered an uninsured motorist. You must look to the terms of your own car insurance policy to see how a hit and run driver is defined. Either is allowed. It depends on your personal car insurance policy.

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